Always inspired.

As a long time dreamer, I've always been kindly referred to as a gypsy by friends and family. I've been working on jewelry as a hobby since I was a child and I've been encouraged by friends and family to finally make my wild items available to everyone!

Gypsy Castaway has a wide variety of jewelry all from the heart of a true gypsy soul. I try to recycle old treasures, shells, sea glass, sharks teeth, belts, etc. and make them into something truly unique and special. I'm a true southerner so I believe there's no such thing as an "inappropriate time" for pearls, mix that with my gypsy, vintage, bohemian lifestyle and you'll see my personality in all of my work!

I create a variety or pieces, because I'm a variety of passions, you'll see that blues and ocean themes influence a lot of my work. I love making jewelry in teal and black to match my Alma Mater, Coastal Carolina. I actually make a lot of pieces with sporting teams influencing the colors. I also make bridal party jewelry, because I want your wedding day to be as special for your party as it is for the bride, so I enjoy taking your wedding colors and turning them into beautiful custom bridesmaid treasures.

I'm always up for a challenge, so send me an idea, and I'm going to help make it your idea of perfect.

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